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The Words Of The Master
Summer Series 2012

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Jun 6... “The Good Guys Don't Always Wear White Hats"
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Mike Meierhofer

Jun 13... We Are Not Blind, Are We? – John 9
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Shane Alexander

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Wayne White

Jun 20... The parables of – Matthew 25
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Lyle Asbill

June 27... Out of Egypt Matthew 2:13-23
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Ron Carlson

Jul 4... God and Government  – Mark 12:13-17

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Richard Blaisdale

Jul 11... Just Let It Go – Mark 10:17-30

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Jerry Gonzalez

July 18... A Special Opportunity
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Henry Roncancio and Art Garcia

Aug 8... Go  – Matthew 10
James Waugh

Aug 15... When Your Best Efforts Fail – Luke 5:11
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Karl Jones

Aug 29... Being Salt and Light – Matthew 5:13-16
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Robert Waller

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